UG metal in Hedensted (Denmark) produces sandcasted metal casting for ​business and industrial customers. From our address at Blæsbjergvej 44, we have specialists within all types of sandcasting, from the production of a model, sandforms, sandcores to the casting process. We deliver nationally and internationally, and our customers are as different as the small engineer to large international companies. We produce different types of casting, from gearhouses to valves and pump houses. 

Sandcasting - a flexible castingprocess

We use sandcasting to cast til metals aliminum, bronze and brass, as well as Cu alloys, often in series sizes of 1-100 pieces.  This is precisely why this proces is good for prototypes and test series - both small and medium series sizes.  
​Each mould is manufactured individually, wich means that event the most unique product can be moulded. 

The casting process

Sand casting og metal is done using self-curing sand. The model of the molded workpiece is formed by handcraft, where the mould itself is manually manufacturen in a mould box. 

The sand mould is made as two halves glued together. Any core for cavities in pre-cast work is loaded ind to the sand mould before bonding.
​In the case of sand casting of less complicated and non-core workpieces, the mould can also be made by hand moulding according to the orginal workpiece.  

From small and medium series to large series.

See examples of casted products under Products.

Sandcasting - a flexible castingprocess.

​We prefere to use the castingmethod - sandcasting -  for casting in the metals aluminium, 

UG metal producerer emner i håndformning. Her formes House Gear med sandkerne.

MOULD design

Forming a mould for a gear housing.

The mould is formed manually.
The mould is blackened to improve the surface quality of the castings.
With sand casting, sprue systems are relatively simple to alter if the alloy is changed.

Hos UG metal foregår smeltning af metallet i induktionsovne. Herved minimeres risiko for gas i smelten. Her vises udstøbning.


The metal is melted in induction furnaces. This minimises the risk of gas bubble formation in the melt.
Pouring the melt. 

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