Croning casting

Very suitable for complex castings with many cores.


Patterns are produced on state-of-the-art machine tools and our molding methods ensure uniform and dimensionally stable castings which require a minimum of machining. The items produced are therefore also suitable for chucking and machining on CNC machining centres.

Croning casting is also known as shellmoulding. The mould consists of a hard shell of coated, machine-baked sand.

The method is ideal for producing large or medium-sized batches of gunmetal, bronze, brass and aluminium castings.


See the mechanical properties under ALLOYS

UG metal udfører cronitkerner


Cores create cavities within the casting and can be produced in several ways, depending on the physical requirements.

•Cold-box cores are suitable for smaller batches.

•Croning cores are suitable for larger batches or where a high surface quality is required.

Production of Croning cores for valve housings.

UG metal arbejder med skalformning i sand


Croning sand is moulded as a shell and hardens around the hot pattern plate.
It is then lifted off by ejectors.

UG metal støber i sandforme


The metal is melted in induction furnaces. This minimises the risk of gas bubble formation in the melt.

Pouring the melt.

 Ved større serier foregår afskæring og rensning hos UG metal på robotter. Her ses transportbåndet ved afskæring


With large batches, trimming and cleaning are performed robotically.
Conveyor by trimming station.

Afskæring af ventilhuse på robotanlæg hos UG metal . Afskæringen er forprogrammeret og ens fra serie til serie.

Robotic trimming of valve housings.

Trimming is pre-programmed and is therefore uniform from batch to batch.

UG metal laver rensning på renserobotter


Cleaning/deflashing is subsequently performed by cleaning robots after the castings have been positioned in fixtures. This ensures that all items are uniformly cleaned, facilitating subsequent trouble-free processing on CNC machining centres.

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