Chillcasting / Gravity diecasting


Chillcasting, also called gravity diecasting, consists of casting aluminium alloys in permanent steel moulds. Patterns for chill casting are produced from steel on state-of-the-art machine tools.

Uniform castings suitable for CNC machining are thus ensured.

Rapid cooling in the steel moulds improves the mechanical properties of the alloys.

Internal shapes and cavities can be produced in chill castings by means of steel mandrels or sand cores.


The method is suitable for large or medium-sized batches.

See the mechanical properties under ALLOYS

Specialiseret kokillestøbning


Casting an item with sand core. The core creates a cavity within the casting.

The core is positioned in the chill mould. It is then fixed in place with the aid of core marks.

The chill mould is made of steel, allowing the core to be positioned in exactly the same place for every casting.

The core is positioned in the bottom half of the chill mould.


​The mould is closed and the molten aluminium is poured through the sprue system.

Once the metal has solidified sufficiently, the mould is opened and the casting removed.


Complex chill mould with four sections and three mandrels.

Specialiseret kokillestøbning ufføres sikkeret


After casting, the sprue is trimmed off by a pre-programmed cutting robot.

The item is held in place in a special fixture or centring chuck.

The cutting robot can operate at all angles from vertical to horizontal.

Ensartet kokillestøbning

Programmed chucking and trimming ensure uniform castings, facilitating subsequent trouble-free processing on CNC machining centres.

Hærdning af kokillestøbning


Some aluminium alloys can be heat treated.
Our plant can provide T6 heat treatment.

The treatment consists of:

1. Solution annealing at approx. 525°C for 4-6 hours.
2. Water quenching.
3. Artificial aging at approx. 170°C for roughly 5 hours.
Treatment can be adapted to item weight.

Heat treatment increases strength and hardness by 40-60%.

The following alloys can be heat treated:

  • AC-Al Si7 Mg
  • AC-Al Si10 Mg
  • AC-Al Si9 Mg
  • AC-Al Si12 Cu Ni Mg

For further details, see ALLOYS

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