UG metal is an DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 og DS/EN ISO 1400​1:2015 certified organisation.

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DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

DS/EN ISO 14001:2015 Certificate

Quality policy

It is our wish at UG metal, to deliver high quality, flexibility and on time delivery. These are some of the most important competition parametres in the business area, where we operate.

​We define quality as, the time we honor or exceed our customers and collaborators expectations​ and achieve the desired result, based on a close collaboration wtih the customer.

Our demand is to integrate quality in each process we preform, in order to support and develop our business.

​To fulfill our purpose:
​  * All employees are responsible for continues improvement of the quality og our processes, products        and services.

 *  All employees will take part in identifying, predicting and effecting our customers needs, and                  thereby create a foundation for development and continous improvement of products, processes          and services.

 *  We will at all times secure compliance of all relevant quality related demands, at the most cost              efficient way, by combining an understanding of the demands with and underding of the customers      proceses and needs.   
​ *  We will use our managementsystems to support and secure the quality of our processes, products        and services. 

 *  We priortise openness and honesty all through the process. 

Environment policy

​UG Metal will  continuously work on improving the envirenmental impacts by integrating environmental considerations in our daily work.  

We will integrate environmental impacts in eact process to support and develop our business.

We shall all strive to reduce any influence of the environment, use of resources and follow best pratice, to avoid polution. Where we already have or ind the future might get essential environmental impacts, we will apply documented management systems to control our results.
​By developing/implementing new processes, we always evaluate the environmental impacts - from our use of commodities and energy to the usage and disposal of equipment.

​We will comply applicable demands in laws and environmental obligations, we have undertaken.
​UG metal will continue the close and good relations to the ​

surrounding communities. Furthermore, we will secure a good coorperation with our suppliers, sub-contrators, ​authorities, customers, partners and other stakeholders to promote an responsible environmental behavior.

​UG metal will ongoing inform our employees, to ensure that they are ​enlightened and conscious regarding the importance of an active environment work, as well as we will continue the necessary education.

​Theese policies are available to shareholders and other stakeholders. 

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